StoryBrand About Us

  Born in Panama and raised as an Army Brat, I was able to visit the US and Germany before going back to Panama and then returned to the US to stay during my early childhood.  During all our moving around, my mother always made sure my siblings and I never forgot where we came from, our first language, our traditions, and our Panamanian comfort foods.  When my children were little, with my mom's help, we had them start learning traditional Panamanian dances with local dance groups.

  Meeting new people from many different cultures and backgrounds has always been a passion of ours.  Every new person brings with them their unique heritage, traditions, tasty dishes, interesting languages, and their amazing stories.

  QXP Shop originally began back in January of 2015.  Originally named Que Xopa Panama Shop, as we sold Panamanian flag related beaded jewelry and Tembleques.  Soon we began adding flags from around the world, changed our product lines and even shortened our name to QXP Shop.  The same passion we have for our heritage we love to see that same passion in others.  That love is what drives us!

  We have been continually growing and developing ever since and are excited to see what the future holds as well as getting to know all you amazing people and your beautiful families we will meet along the way and share each others' cultures.  We want to celebrate with you your uniqueness.  Wave your flag(s) proudly!

We are all about helping you CELEBRATE YOUR HERITAGE with the world!

Erica  :)